“This was one of three pieces I bought for my wife for her birthday. Was so pleasantly surprised to find that they were much more delightful to look at in person than they appeared in the images online. The way the light plays off the glass really brings them to life. Somewhat surprising to find I can acquire a unique one-of-a-kind hand-made work of art at at such an affordable price. We loved the colors — almost neutral tones with a slight nod to the blue end of the color palette, reminiscent of pebbles on a beach.”

“Intricate, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. We LOVE our quilled giraffe – it is, by far, our favorite piece of artwork in our child’s nursery!”

“Shona is incredibly talented. These earrings have become my uniform. They show off your jeans, your sweats, your suit, or your gown. They are intricately laid in a polished silver bed and are exquisite to behold. Shona has expanded into mosaic work for households as well but her jewelry is second-to-none! She will also respond to your personal tastes and requests!”

“Loved the mosaic salmon & orange earrings that I recently bought. They are delicate & beautiful. Shona was very prompt with the order & delivery & it arrived in a cute package with a card that we used for a birthday! I would highly recommend this store. Shona is a very talented artist.”