Owls and Cardinals – Our Exterior Mosaic Lamp Post Installation

In 2017, we inspected our yard after a big storm hit our area and found this –

Our damaged lamp post!

Instead of going out to purchase a replacement, we built this 12 x 56 x 2″ base with Wediboard and wood.

The design on the front started with an owl, and other elements were added. The owl is face-taped at this point. Wiring was added at this stage.

Owl design courtesy, Kasia Mosaics

Here, the entire mosaic is glued and ready for grout, sides included.

I haven’t edited out the mess of working with mosaics!

After grout (a two phase approach with orange on the top and charcoal gray on the bottom), the mosaic was turned around. Fused glass elements were created for the cardinal and dogwood flowers.

Design courtesy Emelene Bark.

INSTALLATION TIME! This was a family effort

The rest of the design was added in, glued down and grouted in a light grey color.

Finally installed and wired up!

Thanks for viewing!

32 thoughts on “Owls and Cardinals – Our Exterior Mosaic Lamp Post Installation”

      • Shonster, you did it again! Simply stunning! Love the designs, nature oriented& color composition is wowser!!! People drive by & photograph , yes? They’d be crazy not to. I love that you keep learning & progressing! Love, Cathy

        • Cathy, thank you. We have had people stop to take pictures. Quite flattering. πŸ˜€

  1. Beautiful work Shona! You will soon have a crowd on your front lawn taking selfies against the lamppost! New attraction in Vienna!!!

  2. Oh my! These are exquisite pieces! The nature themes and the colorful, abstract designs that show them off create a gorgeous result. They are so unique! Real show stoppers, providing light and beauty! Wowowowow!

  3. I want to do a drive by! This must have been an incredible amount of work, but how unique and beautiful the result!

    • Thank you, Jodi. And yes, absolutely. Any time πŸ™‚ I’m happy to message you my address.

  4. It’s beautiful, Shona! You are incredibly talented and hard working. Your neighbors are lucky to have this work of art right on their street.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Im sure it will look even more stunning in the winter whitescapes. You are doing amazing work!!! I am reserving a wall for your art in the future!! Loads of love.

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