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Shona D’Cruz is the owner of Blue Hyacinth Mosaics, LLC. Blue Hyacinth Mosaics began as a hobby in 2015, evolved into a passion and now, a business. Shona creates one-of-a-kind wearable and functional mosaic art from smalti, stained glass, millefiori, and found materials. Her work includes jewelry and fine art created with mosaics, fused glass and metal clay.

A Special Educator with 17 years of experience and 5 years in the arts, Shona also teaches fused glass, mosaics and art to children and adults.

Some information about Shona’s creative process…

My love for glass started with my first mosaic class, when I realized I could nip a piece of glass into small pieces and arrange them to convey a meaningful image. The beauty of the glass, cutting it, and building the design piece by piece appealed to my systematic approach to life. Over time, mosaic work moved from being a hobby to a business, incorporating other kinds of glass art, such as fusing.

To me, mosaics symbolize a deeply held conviction that every tessera has a place of perfect belonging. Tesserae cannot be forced to fit; they can be added only when the time and place is right. The process of building a mosaic is exciting because it satisfies my creative instincts. When the mosaic is complete, I enjoy standing back to admire the results and sharing my love of glass with my audience.

I thoroughly enjoy experimenting and delving deeper into glass art. Over time, I have learned and acquired skills including 3D mosaic work, watercolor style of painting on fused glass, creating flowers in mosaic as well as fused glass, fused glass vessels and most recently, drawing on glass. I also make jewelry using the micromosaic technique, sometimes with handmade precious metal clay bezels. My work encompasses a range of techniques that my clients have found intriguing and exciting.

Please view the gallery pages for images of Shona’s work. Custom orders are accepted.

Current memberships:

  • Ceramic and Mosaic Art – 2
  • Vienna Arts Society, Vienna, VA
  • National Capital Art Glass Guild
  • Made In Fairfax Network

Teaching Experience: